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Главная » 2010 » Январь » 27 » Investmentforge - NEW WAYS TO INVEST - 27 January 2010
Investmentforge - NEW WAYS TO INVEST - 27 January 2010
NEW WAYS TO INVEST - 27 January 2010

Dear readers,

New York - A team led by investment management specialists, Anders Jacobsen Peter Evans (head manager of Investment Forge) and Paul Thompson have launched Galileo Capital Management, a global hedge fund investment management and advisory firm with operations in London and Hong Kong.

Galileo Capital Management will launch, manage and raise capital for a range of alternative asset funds. These planned funds target very under-invested business sectors or are highly innovative improvements of existing investment strategies. Offering a low correlation to traditional investments, the firm will also provide advice on business entry strategies into China, including sourcing business partners and execution.

"The future of Galileo will witness niche positioning and effective maximization of opportunity in markets that are quite unexplored to date. Anders Jacobsen, co-founder and Principal, said, "Our strategy will pick up in areas which the market has traditionally dropped off its radar screen."

"The recent financial crisis has underlined the importance of China and more broadly of Asia as a source of growth and key determinant in the global economy." Paul Thompson said, "Our experience and high-level network in China gives clients access to this region in a high-quality manner through our business entry and advisory services."

We will see in the nearest future what benefits will bring such cooperation.

Best regards,
InvestmentForge Team

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